Vågar du släppa kontrollen?

josefine bengtssonGiving the planner a break to create space for new adventure. Something that happens when I am managing to, just like a kid, throwing myself into something with trust, vulnerability, openness and playfulness.


For this to happen, I need to let go of control. I need to feel that it is ok, not to know what will happen next. That it is ok not to plan every single detail of my day, of my life. That it is ok that some moments are ”unproductive”. When I allow for adventure in my life, I allow myself to be alive.


Because when my life is a safe plan and every single spot in my calendar is marked, there is no time for adventure. No time for spontaneity. No time to flow. Actually, no time to live.


So today, I am doing my best to ignore that planner voice in the back of my head. Instead I am leaning back to open my eyes for what is in front of me.

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