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Heart to Heart

Heart to heart – inspiration eller kopiering

In school we learn how to be the best copy cats. To get the A+, we discover that memorising every single word and sentences from the books is way better than sharing our own views and thoughts.


I have to admit, in the beginning when I started to teach yoga, I used the same method. I went to someone else’s class and tried to copy exactly what that teacher had shared with us – the sequence, the playlist, the theme. I guess it worked to a certain extent since people came to my classes even back than but it was exhausting and boring for me to memorise and I guess (and hope) that the yogis on the mat could tell that this wasn’t completely real and pure, that this was a teacher who used beautiful words but she hadn’t truly found her own way, her own voice, her own heart, in what she was sharing in the yoga room.


Today, I crave doing the opposite, the most boring thing I know is to copy someone else or having to adapt to “yoga-rules” when I teach. I know nothing better than closing my eyes, going deep inside myself, and see what wants to bubble from there. When the inspiration to a class, a retreat, a text, or anything else, comes from my own heart, from my own meditations, my own life… it is such a blessing, such a relief to share it with others.


I am sure we all have something magical, unique, pure to offer to the world but only when we resist the temptation to take the short way out, mimicking someone else. Only when we dare to go through the layers of pain, restlessness, anxiety to find our own heart and inspiration. Isn’t it so that regardless of subject, it is always interesting to listen to someone who is real and speaking form their open heart?

Heart to heart – LYSSNA

josefine bengtssonI am always longing for someone to listen, really really listen, receiving my words and what is in between my words. Sitting in front of me with full awareness, with pure presence. Not trying to figure me out. Not trying to help me. Not trying to fix me. Not worrying about me. Not wanting anything from me. Instead – JUST LISTENING.

Why is it sooo rare? Why do most of us have such a hard time letting go of our own story for a moment and just receiving someone else? I guess we do have a lot to learn from the trees when it comes to this skill.

Heart to heart – SMÄRTA

josefine bengtssonBreathing and moving with my pain… today, my yoga practice was just that. PAINFUL.

At first, huge resistance. As always, when discomfort is showing up, I used all my techniques trying to get rid of it, change it to something else. But then, after a bunch of breathing exercises, challenging postures, & intense shaking I gave up. Allowed my body to just fall down. Rest in savasana. Die.

I finally accepted the pain. Melted inside the pain. Realising, maybe this pain is there to make me aware of something. To actually receive the willingness to question. To go deeper within myself. To dare making changes in my life when it is needed. So even though I am scared, so scared when this darkness in entering my body, I am also grateful for how it, again and again, is guiding me inside.

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