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Heart to Heart

Heart to heart – WHO am I?


If I changed my name, if I forgot my story, if I sold my clothes, if I burned my passport, if I left my friends, if I changed my body, if I stopped working, if I cancelled my retreats, if I stopped doing yoga, if I cancelled this Blog account….
What would be left?
Who am I?
Who are you?

Heart to heart – Guidning

G U I D E N S. Yes, again and again, she is always there at the bottom of my heart showing be the truth. Always showing me how I should act in every situation, in every decision, in every moment. When we are connected, life is soooo easy. I don’t even have the need to overthink, analyse, or reflect. I just know how I should live my life.
Nevertheless, sometimes, I tend to shut her off. I tend to start asking the world and follow other people’ strong opinions instead of listening to her. Even worse, these people are telling me so many different answers so I get even more confused. When I lose that connection with her, everything is gone. I don’t know anymore what is right and wrong.
In those moments, a big part of me is longing for a guide from the outside, someone who is clean, someone who understands me completely, someone who knows how I should live my life, someone who got no self interest in when the way they are guiding me. Does that exist?
Maybe it does but until I found that guide, the good new is that if I just stop for a moment and look inside, the answer is there. No matter how many times, I ignore her, she is still always there whispering in her lovely voice, come back in and I will show you.

Heart to heart – Jämför du dig med andra?

Morning kära ni! Hoppas ni har en fin dag. Som jag skrev häromdagen vill jag dela med mig lite om mina dagboksanteckningar från mina mysiga och tidiga morgonar. Anteckningar från hjärtat, hoppas de träffar ditt. Herat to heart <3.

C O M P A R I S O N. Yes, I can really get lost there. I guess we all can. A wise part of me is saying ”Josefine stop it, we are all unique. You are beautiful. She is beautiful. But you are different. So different. No point in comparing. No point in being jealous. Focus on you and to live YOUR full potential.”


Even though, I know all this it seems like I am not always capable of listening. On a good day I do, I am focusing on my own life. On a good day, I am seeing my own potential. On a good day, I am so grateful to be me. However, when the bad day comes I simply don’t. On a bad day I forget my own shine. On a bad day I start to compare myself with others and I will always make sure that I find someone who is winning (Instagram is a great source, if no one else is around). So if I look I will always find someone that seems to be more beautiful, wiser, brighter, funnier, happier… fuck. How to handle that?


Usually my first reaction is that I will do everything in my power be like her. Before, I didn’t even see such thought, I just went all in to be like her. But nowadays, I usually see this horrible “first reaction though” and it makes me sad. It is really a betrayal to myself. It is sooo self destructive. When I see this thought, my technique is to go to the mirror looking myself into the eyes (not checking out my body). Just seeing Me. Seeing Josefine. And by that, tears are usually starting to float from my eyes and I am again grateful to be me.


So let’s stop comparing ourselves to everyone else. Let’s find the beauty of being unique. It is fucking hard some days, but I will try my best over and over again.



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