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Heart to heart – Guidning

G U I D E N S. Yes, again and again, she is always there at the bottom of my heart showing be the truth. Always showing me how I should act in every situation, in every decision, in every moment. When we are connected, life is soooo easy. I don’t even have the need to overthink, analyse, or reflect. I just know how I should live my life.
Nevertheless, sometimes, I tend to shut her off. I tend to start asking the world and follow other people’ strong opinions instead of listening to her. Even worse, these people are telling me so many different answers so I get even more confused. When I lose that connection with her, everything is gone. I don’t know anymore what is right and wrong.
In those moments, a big part of me is longing for a guide from the outside, someone who is clean, someone who understands me completely, someone who knows how I should live my life, someone who got no self interest in when the way they are guiding me. Does that exist?
Maybe it does but until I found that guide, the good new is that if I just stop for a moment and look inside, the answer is there. No matter how many times, I ignore her, she is still always there whispering in her lovely voice, come back in and I will show you.


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