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Var säger din inre dömande röst?

Hej fina ni!

De senaste åren har jag jobbat otroligt mycket med denna fråga genom övning, böcker och på alla möjliga galna retreats. Den inre dömande rösten som vi ju alla har, den där inre kritikern som ibland tar över våra liv fullständigt.

Steg 1 är ju att se att vi har en sådan röst i huvudet, att förstå att det ”onda” den ständigt säger till oss inte är sant. Nedan kommer en grym övning som jag delade på Instagram häromdagen :-).

Are you aware of your inner critic, your judging voice?


I am soooo done with mine, the awful judging voice constantly telling me how I should act in a given situation, what is wrong and right, and exactly how I should live my day. Actually, most of the time ruling my whole life.


However, I have come to realise that this voice is not me, and even more importantly – what she is telling me isn’t necessarily true. It is just a voice in my head trying to protect me – in other words, minimize pain and maximize love in my life.  


But, Miss Inner Judge, I am done with you now. I don’t need your help anymore. I am ready to live from my heart fully. Ready to be free.


For me it really helps to see this voice clearly so that I understand…what it is saying is NOT true. If you are done with yours to…try this great and simple exercise…


Put a timer on 5 min, without stopping to think… complete the sentence…again and again…

My inner judge is saying…

My inner judge is saying…

My inner judge is saying…

Just allow your pen to flow until the time is out.


Do you realise how sick it is that we are talking to ourselves like this almost all the time? Ahhhh. Let’s move to our heart instead. ❤️



Är det viktigt att kolla nyheterna?

Hej fina ni. En liten hälsning från min lilla paradisstrand… långt långt borta från staden och bruset. Njuter av att leva i denna lilla bubbla. Vet knappt vad som händer i världen…  har liksom inte kollat nyheter sen jag kom hit.

Inser mer och mer att det är mer hållbart att leva såhär, att jag ändå inte kan ta in alla intryck från världen utanför. Skrev lite mer om detta på min instagram häromdagen, läs gärna nedan! Vad tycker du? Finns det en anledning till att ha stenkoll på alla detaljer av det som händer eller är vi inkapabla att ta in det i alla fall?

Spending almost half a year here on this small hidden beach – together with the moon and the sun, the waves and the wind, the trees and the wild animals. We could call it a safe loving yogi-bubble, faraway from the pain and craziness of this world.


Actually, I haven’t watched the news in months so on a detailed level I have no idea what is going on… but on a general level, I know it’s still a lot of weird and bad things happening. Some say, it’s egoistic to “hide” like this but I haven’t found a way to live and share from an open heart, and at the same constantly hearing about the chaotic state of this world. It is too painful to feel the truth everyday…when watching the news I am sad for days. 


Is there a way to stay in the heart and be updated about the news? Or do we automatically close down in order to survive? Do we need to know everything? Do you think I am hiding from the “real” world or is this actually the only way to be able to make real changes in this world? 

When was the last time you met yourself?

Just finished two days of silence, two days of being offline, two days of being in my own company, listening to my own body, moment to moment. Only two days and I am feeling so present, so connected, so full of energy that I am about to explode.


TWO DAYS. It is nothing. I ask myself, why am I not doing this more often? At the same time knowing that some people are never ever, in their entire life, retreating like this.


Many people come to our Yogiakdemin retreats – getting shocked, nervous, scared, irritated – when we, on the first day, are telling them that we will be in silence until 2 pm every day and in the middle of the week we will enter 40 hours of silence together. I am not at all judging these people, it is absolutely nothing wrong with them BUT it is something wrong with our society. How can it be such a “new” thing, such a big deal to be in silence for a few hours?


With this in mind, I am not shocked at all that so many people are having depressions, burn outs, eating disorders, disease, addictions to all kinds of stuff. Of course, this is the reality of our society when most of us never stop to listen to our bodies and inner voices. When the biggest fear of most people are – themselves. Because, if it isn’t yourself, why would you be so resistance towards being in silence? Some people say they are getting bored but for me that is even more sad, how can you be bored so quickly of being in your own company?

Isn’t it crazy that we are living our lives constantly doing things, being occupied, running as fast as we can, learning about so many things in the outside world, trying to build relationships with other people but what about the relationship to ourself? What about getting to know how our own body is functioning, how our inner voice is speaking to us?


I am definitely not saying that I want to live by myself, like an hermit always, but in order to appreciate the company of others and the activity of the society I need to shut everything off sometimes. To understand what is mine, what is yours. To arrive back into myself. I am curious, do you agree with me or maybe you don’t need silence to feel yourself?

Photo Mohammed Salik

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