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Heart to heart – SMÄRTA

josefine bengtssonBreathing and moving with my pain… today, my yoga practice was just that. PAINFUL.

At first, huge resistance. As always, when discomfort is showing up, I used all my techniques trying to get rid of it, change it to something else. But then, after a bunch of breathing exercises, challenging postures, & intense shaking I gave up. Allowed my body to just fall down. Rest in savasana. Die.

I finally accepted the pain. Melted inside the pain. Realising, maybe this pain is there to make me aware of something. To actually receive the willingness to question. To go deeper within myself. To dare making changes in my life when it is needed. So even though I am scared, so scared when this darkness in entering my body, I am also grateful for how it, again and again, is guiding me inside.


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