Heart to heart – Är du också en slav under ”borde” rösten?

Josefine bengtsson Hearing the ”shoulds” in the back of my head. The voice telling me ”work harder, go faster, be perfect, do this, do that…”
Noticing the immense strength of this voice, the power it got over my life. Even though, I am nowadays usually hearing it from a distance, in a way understanding it is not me – I am still most often following its messages. Because it is easy, familiar – what I have always done.
Will I ever be completly free from this voice?
Probably not but maybe (hopefully) the moments where it speaks more silently and subtle will be longer and happen more often. Those beautiful moments where I am automatically resting and naturally following my own dreams and heart instead of listening to all the shoulds. Those moments of pure bliss. Maybe, that is actually the main reason to why I am so in love with meditation.


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