Heart to heart – Drama

Found myself drawn in to something strong. A drama that was making my mind to go even more crazy than usual, my body to shiver, my breath to be shallow. At first, I went outside myself, doing everything I could to find a solution. Working hard, day and night, to receive an answer.
This has been lasting for some moments. Actually, for some days now.
However, today, the small whispering voice inside my heart finally reached me again…
”Josefine, you can always come back here to find clarity.”
So, this morning, I sat down. Stepped back. Noticed my breath. Felt my heartbeats. Received perspective. Arrived at the place in my body nobody can take away from me. Realised that I, for some days, totally lost myself and got completely identified with the drama.
So my conclusion, my lesson, which I apparently need to learn many times, is that no matter how much the world around me is shaking – there is always a peaceful and still point inside my heart. ❤️


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