Heart to heart – Sharing with others

Noticing the contrast. Some moments in life, I am full. Full of energy. Full of love. Full of inspiration. So full that I cannot help
myself to share this with the world. It is overflowing. It is real and it streams like an open source from my heart to others. ✨✨✨

Other moments, the opposite is true. I am empty. I have nothing to give. I feel drained. I feel exhausted. I feel uninspired. If I try to give from that place, every part of my body is reacting and screaming NO. It is impossible to give from that space. I have nothing of value to offer. And you will of course notice. ✨✨✨

At first, I thought that in those moments I had been working too much, that I needed vacation. But interestingly enough, I have come to realise that this isn’t the whole truth, it isn’t just about the workload (though it can be related), the deeper reason is that I lost the contact with myself. I have went to the outside, forgot my inside. All of my senses were on the outside for too long. All of my awareness had gone to other people for too long so there is no more contact with my inside. I have forgotten my own heart, my own body. ✨✨✨

So I sit down, sometimes it just take a few sittings, sometimes a few days of sittings but it always works. Meditation always works. ❤️


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